How to Stop the Burn Out Cycle   

Shifting our approach on life, success, and relationship with self

How to Stop the Burn Out Cycle  

Shifting our approach on life, success and relationship with self

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Why now?

We're at an interesting time in history where many of us are peeling away from a life of burnout, becoming more and more aware, yet still somehow stuck without the skillset to make it happen.

Do you find yourself...
  • Stuck trying to be a better parent and more authentic leader.

  • Stuck as a coach and team leader, feeling just as sick as the people you're trying to help (cue imposter syndrome!)

  • Still fatigued and a slave to your moods and energy levels

  • Feeling like you're stabbing in the dark at solutions that work for a while and then it's back to zero again.

  • Feeling burned out from trying to heal from burnout because you're doing all the things yet seeing no shift!

  • Physically, you're beginning to collect a list of symptoms and diagnoses, let alone a pile of energy blocks.
This is why I cannot wait to interview my own Coach, Cari Li, Energy Management specialist, in a deep and meaningful workshop with you!

What you'll come away with in this deep dive...

  •  Energy management strategies to achieve a state of flow

  • Learn how managing your energy can augment everything you're doing physically to heal

  • Understand how to use functional medicine protocols to increase physical energy

  • Clarity, awareness and the perspective shift to give you the momentum you need right now

  • A community who is committed to a life of vibrancy amidst a world of toxicity


Create health, and fuel your wealth

  • Become a better parent and leader

  • Enjoy energy, focus and calm all times of the day

  • Increase productivity

  • Experience joy, peace and presence with your life right now

  • Better boundaries, respect and recognition in your life

  • More intimate relationships with your loved ones.

  • Gain greater strength and confidence in your body's ability to serve you well into your later years

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