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I empower moms with the knowledge and wisdom to create thriving families, teams and societies.

Achieve unrivalled energy, focus and calm through easy to implement nutritional solutions.

Dr Cheryl Kam, Functional Medicine Coach, Singapore

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✔️Apply functional medicine into your existing skillset.

✔️ Establish a rewarding career doing what you love!

✔️ Unlike other institutes, a mentorship is the quickest way to grow in clinical skills and business success.

✔️ Lean on a global community of support in a professional network.

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 Immediate access to 4 high-impact videos with private group support to guide your first steps. Learn in your own time.  

 For the health coach or the health-minded mother looking to heal and nourish. 

 Immediately get instructions on what blood tests to run and how to understand them. 

 Get my strategy and tools in balancing your nutrient levels, and the support to actually take action.

 Confidently move into further work on hormones, adrenals, and the gut. 


I create small-batch pharmaceutical-grade supplements. Formulated for the biohacking mama, loved by all!

Pharmaceutical Grade Magnesium Supplements, Sleep Supplements, Singapore, Dr Cheryl Kam

I found my sleep deep and woke up feeling well rested. Something I had not experienced in years.

- Joanne Lim

Her supplements made me stabilize my moods tremendously

- TC

I have tried many magnesium formulas on iherb but I keep coming back for CALM as it works better than the rest

- Elizabeth

The magnesium pills have not only improved my sleep, but also reduced my cravings for caffeine.

- KS, Mummy of 2

Outside of my online courses, I accept a small number of 1:1 private clients. 

This may be to recover from disease and illness holistically, and achieve your personal health goals.

We integrate the experience of imparting applied functional nutrition knowledge within a coaching relationship in a way that makes sense for YOU.  



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