Transform lives, through applied functional medicine.

I make practitioner level information easy for you to implement.

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Foundational Nutrients

These are the first impactful steps you need in managing and stabilising a complex patient, regardless of their diagnosis.

Gain skills that establish trust and compliance to confidently move into further work on hormones, adrenals and the gut.  

After completing these four self-paced lectures, you will be invited to further your studies.


Burnout Recovery 101

✔️5-month self-paced program for those who have completed 'Foundational Nutrients'.

✔️Learn the foundations of applied functional medicine tangibly, through the lens of Burnout.

✔️Treat burnout/PCOS/hormone dysbalance for good.  


Advanced concepts in Functional Medicine

✔️5 month advanced mentorship program offered to those who have completed Level 1 (Burnout Recovery 101)

✔️This will set you apart from your peers, in your confidence with the art and science of applied functional medicine.  

✔️ Establish a brimming waitlist of enthusiastic referrals without worrying about marketing.  

✔️ For professionals, there is an opportunity to become a part of Vibrant Life Academy's referral network after satisfactory completion.

Tackling Sleep Deprivation: Introductory Module

✔️Discover the foundational link between Immunity and Sleep

✔️ Understand how hormones affect sleep-wake cycle

✔️ Explore the fascinating reason why we sleep

✔️ Learn about the nutrients and herbs to wake up fresh!


Thyroid Deep Dive: Self Study

✔️ 4 High yield videos to gain a deeper understanding of the Thyroid and its key connections

✔️The surprising connections between thyroid function and adrenal function

✔️ Do your own Thyroid Testing and interpretation, and learn about Thyroid specific nutrients.

✔️ The Gut and Autoimmunity Connection: A core piece of the thyroid puzzle.


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