4 High yield videos to gain a deeper understanding on the Thyroid and its key connections.

Make a REAL impact and change lives, with the science and concepts of functional nutrition.

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For the first time ever, I'm releasing 4 videos from my signature Certification program for the perfect sneak peek into applied functional medicine!

Making functional nutrition simple and easy for ANYONE to implement into their healing journey.  

How Will We Do This?

Lesson 1:  


Are there Adrenal issues too? 


The surprising connections between low thyroid tests and adrenal function

Lesson 2:


Secrets to a hormone balancing lifestyle - the foundations to healing.

Lesson 3:


Thyroid Testing, specific nutrients and most forgotten root causes.

Bonus Lesson:


The Gut and Autoimmunity Connection

A core piece of the thyroid puzzle.

Don't do it alone, I'm here for you!

✔️Have your questions answered by me right within your learning environment.  

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This course is for you... 

You're an independent learner and simply LOVE to learn the deeper truths of what you see on the surface.  

A motivated self-healer wishing to apply deep healing to yourself, your family and loved ones.  

You're a doctor, personal trainer, practitioner in the health  industry, looking to impact your clients where others have failed.

➡️ You've done courses here and there, only to find yourself still overwhelmed with all the bits of information out there.

➡️ You're struggling to find one simple way to confidently navigate you and your client's health issues

➡️ You have so much to give, and want to make a difference, but feel you're going nowhere fast.

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✔️Distinguish yourself from other practitioners in your ability to confidently and consistently achieve results with your clients, and enjoy an enthusiastic referral pipeline.

✔️Learn from my consolidated wisdom, cutting out the noise.  

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✔️Get the crystallised steps you need to generate results again and again!

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✔️ Heal yourself inside out, step into your own health and vitality and lead with authenticity.


Tap into my condensed and simplified system of applied
functional medicine and holistic healing.

✔️ Decades of clinical experience

✔️ Years of functional medicine postgraduate study and mentorship

✔️ Consolidating the top online courses - so you don't have to!

✔️ Thousands of client wins


Here's what my clients say . . .

I have learnt so much from Dr. Cheryl’s course!

While other courses do provide plenty of knowledge, sometimes I am left overwhelmed and unsure where to start with a complex patient. Cheryl cuts through the “noise” of information and hones in on what to do next in a well-structured framework. This is undoubtedly distilled from her experience that can’t be taught from textbooks. I am so glad to have joined her course and have her as a mentor.


- Dr. Charis Au

Topics, personal sharing and the 1-on-1 availability was what captivated me to sign up!

- Michelle W.

Love that it's concise and presented just right - no over explaining!

- HZ

My digestion and sex drive are both getting better!

- KL

Learn to tap into your inner wisdom and be a well-rounded healthcare advocate in the medical system. 

Hi! I'm Dr. Cheryl Kam

Functional Medicine MD, Coach and Educator


MBBS (King's College London)
BSc (Imperial College London)
Grad Dip Family Medicine (NUS)
Fellow in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM, Australia)


With 15 years of clinical experience, I integrate world-class functional medicine with high touch coaching to build you up from the inside out, and awaken you to your highest potential.

At one point in my life, my mental and hormonal health had bottomed out. High pressures of work, the stress of moving countries, family dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, and personal unforgiveness were piling up and we're beginning to affect my ability to function. 

I was tired, confused, overwhelmed, disconnected and depressed.

I applied my training to myself and took positive choices to heal biochemically, and holistically.

I have since "graduated" from psychotherapy, got married, fell pregnant, and gave birth, drug-free, to two beautiful children.

The solution to my problems lay in the principles of functional medicine and living a conscious and purposeful life. My nutrients were topped up, adrenals recovered, gut inflammation addressed, my hormones balanced out.

I now experience peace, energy and joy.

It took a while to get here, and I can be your guide.  It isn't just about getting the next branded course to your name, but actually impacting your clients and being an effective agent of change!

My mission is to improve how doctors and coaches serve in the world.

Will it be so crazy to join me?


Have some questions?

I'd be more than happy to guide you on one of the most important decisions of your life - simply pop us an email [email protected]!