Transform lives, through Applied Functional Medicine.

I make practitioner level information easy for you to implement.

Whether you’re looking to heal yourself and family, or a health coach looking to consolidate your knowledge, you’ll be able to unlock deeper layers of health and upgrade your skillset. 

Core programs come with certification to demonstrate your commitment to your evolution.

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Immunity Cheatsheet

Key nutrients and herbs you need to know about, to support the immune system.

Vitamin D Protocol

Help your clients achieve better mood, energy, immunity and hormone balance.

Weight Loss Resistance Workshop

Time tested strategies to understand and target problems with weight.

How to Stop the Burn Out Cycle 

Shifting our approach on life, success and relationship with self


Tackling Sleep Deprivation

 Discover the foundational link between Immunity and Sleep
 Understand how hormones affect the sleep-wake cycle
 Explore the fascinating reason why we need to sleep
 Know how to use nutrients and herbs to wake up refreshed every single morning!


Thyroid Deep Dive

 4 High yield videos to gain a deeper understanding of the Thyroid and its key connections
 The surprising connections between thyroid function and adrenal stress.
 Do your own Thyroid Testing and interpretation, and top up your Thyroid specific nutrients.
 The Gut and Autoimmunity Connection: A core piece of the thyroid puzzle.


Intro to Gut Health

 Understand the effective and root-cause approach to; IBS, Bloating, Autoimmunity, Allergies
 Which functional tests matter most (and which don't)
 Apply functional medicine to your skillset with ease
 A vibrant Q&A as always!  


Detoxing from Chemicals 101

Learn how toxins impact our health, and what we can do about its
Learn why you absolutely need to be clued in about the chemicals we surround ourselves with on the daily
 A strategy you can employ to make sure your efforts are best placed for impact and results
 Unlock years of a sluggish detox system (Biliary, Liver, Pancreas, Gut, Lymph, Skin)


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Kickstart Your Immunity: The best place to start! 

 Immediate access to 4 high-impact videos with private group support to guide your first steps. Learn in your own time.  

 For the health coach or the health-minded mother looking to heal and nourish. 

 Immediately get instructions on what blood tests to run and how to understand them. 

 Get my strategy and tools in balancing your nutrient levels, and the support to actually take action.

 Confidently move into further work on hormones, adrenals, and the gut. 

ENROL NOW - $497

Level 1: Burnout Recovery 101

 12-month self-paced program for self healers and coaches 
Access industry intel, and direct education support in our higher level Facebook Group
 Learn the foundations of applied functional medicine tangibly, through the lens of Burnout.
 Treat Thyroid/PCOS/hormone dysbalance for good.  

**For those who have completed Kickstart Your Immunity

Level 2: Advanced Concepts in Functional Medicine

 12-month self-paced program for self healers and coaches 
Access industry intel, and direct education support in the higher level Facebook Group
 This will set you apart from your peers, in your confidence with the art and science of applied functional medicine.  
 Establish a brimming waitlist of enthusiastic referrals without worrying about marketing.  
 Become a part of Vibrant Life Academy's referral network.

**By invitation for those who have completed Vibrant Life Level 1

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Outside of my online programs, I accept a small number of 1:1 private clients. 

This may be to achieve your personal health or career goals.

We integrate the experience of imparting applied functional nutrition knowledge within a coaching relationship in a way that makes sense for YOU.  

If you're looking to work closely with me as your guide, the first step is to book a consult.