A 5-month self-paced program to learn and apply the science and protocols for Burnout Recovery.

This is for those who have already complete the pre-requisite 4 day intensive on Foundational Nutrients.


How Will We Do This?

Fortnightly Webinars

10 high yield recordings will be released to you, fortnightly over 5 months.

Re-watch them at any time, again and again for life!

Access 15 years of clinical experience in 5 months, avoiding the most common pitfalls, saving you decades of trial-and-error!  

This is your roadmap to deep personal health, and to develop yourself as an expert coach in functional nutrition.

Pearl-packed PDF handouts

Concise handouts are provided with each webinar, designed to augment the learning process!

Get the tools you need, without the overwhelm.

Past participants have found the handouts useful for their clients!  


Monthly Live Q&As

Bring your questions or cases to our live group call to tailor your learning.

Get concepts and cases explained, or discuss the latest studies, supplements, tests or industry news.

Never feel stuck with your health or with a client again.

Each of my calls are worth $549 so this alone equates to over $2700 of coaching time with me! 

Practitioner Incubator

Get access to the rich repository of past questions, and get your own questions answered by me in our private Facebook group throughout your learning journey.

You get my support every step of the way, saving yourself hours of rummaging the net doing your own research and getting lost in rabbit holes.

Build your network with an aligned community of self healers and practitioners.

Want to integrate faster?

Pick the Inner Circle Program for 1:1 calls with me each month where we

  • Strategize on your personal goals for the long term
  • Implement the changes into your lifestyle
  • Get to delve into the geekier details of your health
  • Meaningfully implement the knowledge into your practice to help others

What you'll accomplish in this 5 month Certification program: 

This course is for you if:

  • You're a self healer and independent learner.  
  • A motivated individual wishing to apply deep healing to yourself and help your family and loved ones.  
  • You could also be a doctor, dentist, practitioner in the health and wellness industry, a coach, personal trainer, nutritionist, doula...

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You're in for band-aid fixes and don't yearn to heal sustainably
  • You don't believe that living in your vibrancy is truly attainable
  • You don't mind letting the current system of medicine prevail
  • You believe drugs and more drugs are the answer
  • You want to use this to increase profits but do not care about transforming lives with sincerity
  • You just want the info for your clients and not implement it into your own life and walk the talk

Completion of Burnout Recovery 101 will award you with a Level 1 certification in applied functional medicine.

At the end of Level 1, you will be eligible to advance your education to Level 2.

Distinguish yourself from other practitioners in your ability to confidently and consistently achieve results with your clients, and enjoy an enthusiastic referral pipeline!


Don't do it alone

Stretch out in our supportive community.

A critical part of the discovery and learning process is the community you surround yourself with, so you can be open, honest, and feel safe.

✔️ Decades of clinical experience

✔️ Thousands of client wins

✔️ Years of functional medicine postgraduate study and mentorship

✔️ Consolidating the top online courses - so you don't have to!

Learn to tap into your inner wisdom and be a well rounded healthcare advocate in the medical system. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hi! I'm Dr. Cheryl Kam

Functional Medicine MD, Coach and Educator


MBBS (King's College London)
BSc (Imperial College London)
Grad Dip Family Medicine (NUS)
Fellow in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM, Australia)


With 15 years of clinical experience, I integrate world-class functional medicine with high touch coaching to build you up from the inside out, and awaken you to your highest potential.

At one point in my life, my mental and hormonal health had bottomed out. High pressures of work, the stress of moving countries, family dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, and personal unforgiveness were piling up and we're beginning to affect my ability to function. 

I was tired, confused, overwhelmed, disconnected and depressed.

I applied my training to myself and took positive choices to heal biochemically, and holistically.

I have since "graduated" from psychotherapy, got married, fell pregnant, and gave birth, drug-free, to two beautiful children.

The solution to my problems lay in the principles of functional medicine and living a conscious and purposeful life. My nutrients were topped up, adrenals recovered, gut inflammation addressed, my hormones balanced out.

I now experience peace, energy and joy.

It took a while to get here, and I can be your guide.  It isn't just about getting the next branded course to your name, but actually impacting your clients and being an effective agent of change!

My mission is to improve how doctors and coaches serve in the world.

Will it be so crazy to join me?


Have questions?

I'd be more than happy to guide you on one of the most important decisions of your life - email me at [email protected]!