Tackle countless symptoms by understanding how to work with these 5 key nutrients in this 4-day course


Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of nutrients in the recovery journey, including key information on:

  • How and what to test for

  • Spotting commonly missed and mismanaged nutrients
  • How to supplement for you and your clients
  • PLUS advanced tools, winning strategies and clinical support so you can start being a better coach, NOW! 


4 webinars in 4 days
Lifetime Access to recordings & handouts to refer again and again
Lifetime Access to my strong Facebook community for case discussions
Exclusive pricing on coaching calls with me at $249 (Usual $549)
Reserve your spot for $349

This is worth over $2000 in teaching time and individual mentorship.

Why now? Read on.

This is an intense 4 day course packed with information that I know self healers and coaches need, to continue doing the great work they are doing.

You see, us doctors need the help of coaches and empowered patients like you to help the population obtain and maintain a foundation of health so people stay away from hospitals, and if needed, our treatments can be more effective.

I've found that coaches have the special ability to implement much more than a regular doctor can due to the intimacy of the client-coach relationship.

We need more coaches to recognise the value of what they do and the power they have to truly shift a person's health and life for the better.

So it made sense for me to help coaches do this work on a higher level.

Through my work, I've found a few big areas that many lack confidence in: These include the commonly missed nutrients, the gut-liver connection, the adrenal-progesterone relationship.

Just by fixing these few big things, most people have a dramatic improvement leading to more energy, focus, calm and flow.

The best news is that these few big things are extremely easy to fix!

That's why I created this intensive.

We are in a time where there's a huge need to focus on our health and people need guidance on this.

Everyone's had a wake up call and they are ready to take their health seriously, let's make sure you have the tools to really help.

What you will get...

✔️The knowledge and tools to replace important nutrients effectively and take your clients' hormone health to new levels!

✔️Become a more impactful coach, fixing deep issues - not just superficial work where your clients keep running into the same issues again and again.
✔️Get more out of yourself and your life while helping others to do the same.

We will do this through...

☑ 4 webinars in 4 days
☑ Lifetime access to all the recordings and handouts - fit your learning around your busy schedule
☑ Individual 30 minute strategy call - get impactful next steps for your health and career
☑ Lifetime access to my Private Facebook Community - continue your learning long after the course ends!
✔️ Are you a self healer, and independent learner?

✔️ Are you a health leader in your community?

(wellness practitioner/doctor/dentist/personal trainer/health coach/nutritionist)
✔️ Ready to go to the next level for your clients?
✔️ Do you have an inner calling to help others with your knowledge, skills and passion?
✔️ Would you like to learn more about yourself and your body in the process?
✔️ Don't know where to start with PCOS, Thyroid issues, Burnout, Hormone dysbalance and other complex conditions?
✔️ Learn my secrets to the most overlooked nutrients and bring your clients impactful results, NOW!
✔️ Add the vital skills most practitioners are lacking - impact your client immediately, build trust and a line of raving clients!

I'm going to make things clear and simple for you in this intensive.

Let's change lives!


Here's what I'll be teaching...


The top 5 most commonly deficient nutrients - diagnosis and testing.


We'll kick off with the most common nutritional deficiencies you will see again and again in clients , that are most often mismanaged by trained practitioners.

We will go through the key tests to do and where to get them done for your clients so we hit the ground running!


What nutrients can do in PCOS, Adrenal dysfunction, Hormone dysbalance and Thyroid disease


In this lesson, I'm pulling back the curtain on my story, my own burnout, PMS and depression.

We'll go through some client journeys to give you examples of what fixing the missing nutrients can do in PCOS, Adrenal dysfunction, Hormone dysbalance, Thyroid disease.


Replacing nutrients with the right dosages and salt-forms.


Here I will talk about the right nutrient supplements to take, what doses, when best to take them and where to get them, so you can begin treating straight away!

Don't worry, easy to follow handouts will provided for you to refer to after the course ends.


Rebuilding your health with a nutritious diet


So important, but so much dodgy info out there!

A weekly menu rotation

Dietary philosophies, Do's and don'ts

We will spend time talking about dietary sources of the key nutrients so you can guide your clients to eventually come off supplements in the long run.



I'll be teaching you what I have learned in my 5 years at King's College London (the most progressive medical school in the world!)

PLUS the 4+ years of postgraduate fellowship in Functional medicine with the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

PLUS 15+ years of clinical experience in the field of Functional Medicine from courses and mentors from USA, UK and Australia

Let's cut the crap and get down to what really works, and what will shift the needle for your clients.


I will crunch all those down in a practical and digestible manner so you can achieve the results for your clients impactfully, confidently and safely.


I usually teach this info in 4-6 coaching calls, where each call costs $549. This is worth over $2000 in coaching time alone.


All webinar recordings and handouts will be accessible forever so you can always refer back to your notes.


The private Facebook group is a safe space to learn and support one another, and will most of all be great fun!


I'm here for you! I will be on Facebook to answer any questions that may pop up so you can sculpt the course and make it your own!



I had worked with many coaches and practitioners before but working with Dr Cheryl has been 100% worth it!

- KG (Valencia, Spain)

While other courses do provide plenty of knowledge, sometimes I am left overwhelmed and unsure where to start with a complex patient.

Cheryl cuts through the “noise” of information and hones in on what to do next in a well-structured framework.

This is undoubtedly distilled from her experience that can’t be taught from textbooks.

- Dr C Au (Singapore)

I’m doing well! I’m recovering well and my oncologist is blown away by how much energy I have.

- Jodie (Sydney, Australia)