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Welcome to Kickstart Your Immunity, the life-changing course designed to elevate your wellbeing by optimising your nutrient levels and in turn, your immunity.

As a mom, I understand the daily challenges you face, and I'm here to guide you with expert functional medicine knowledge, actionable strategies, targeted supplementation and a done-for-you menu plan.

See major shifts in your levels of energy, focus and calm in just 2 weeks.



The Power of Nutrients

Motherhood is a beautiful journey, but it's not without its struggles.  

Lack of sleep, limited time for self-care, and the constant pressure of juggling multiple responsibilities can take a toll on your overall well-being. 

Often, our modern diets and lifestyles don't replenish our nutrients enough, resulting in most women trying to function at 100% with at least one untreated nutrient deficiency.  

That's why I created Kickstart, a comprehensive program that goes beyond good sleep, to empower you with the foundational tools you need to replenish nutrient debt and thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. 


These are the keys to building your vibrant life!

Dr. Cheryl presented the courses in an easy going, informative and clear way.

I truly enjoyed the classes.

I love Dr. Cheryl!

She's a cool cat!

- Gwen Winarno, Health Coach

Is this truly you...

‚úĒÔłŹ¬†You'd love to keep up with the kids, be more present and enjoy your¬†life!

‚úĒÔłŹ¬†You care and put effort into you and your family's health and wellbeing

‚úĒÔłŹ¬†You¬†might already be a natural health¬†advocate in your circle of influence

‚úĒÔłŹ¬†You are looking for¬†an equally committed, health-minded community where you can learn from each other with guidance

‚úĒÔłŹ¬†You are¬†ready¬†to heal from fatigue, poor immunity, subfertility, irregular periods, thyroid and hormone issues with¬†my time tested¬†strategies


This isn't for you if

You want only quick fixes and are unwilling to do the work for true health.

You find your current practices are working for you optimally

You're unwilling to explore how natural methods can serve your health

You're unwilling to fully take responsibility of your health


I love the way the course really reiterates the importance of getting the foundational nutrients balanced.

Informative, easy to understand workshops and super interesting guidelines, especially the test required for measuring accurate iron levels.

The bonus points are great and the nutrient cheat sheet is a helpful resource!

As a 'self healer', I've been silently concerned about my estrogen, Iron & Vitamin D levels for quite some time now, so it was refreshing (although) frightening to have ticked all the boxes you mentioned with regards to this in the course.

It has prompted me to get this addressed.

- Jacqueline Lee,  Self-healer (Singapore)

Hi! I'm Dr. Cheryl Kam

Functional Medicine MD, Burnout Recovery Coach, proud Mom of 4 homeschoolers and Fam Biz Queen.

Here are some letters after my name...

MBBS (King's College London)
BSc (Imperial College London)
Grad Dip Family Medicine (NUS)
Fellow in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM, Australia)

My life path is helping mothers like you avoid burnout and reclaim their health. 

Through proper nutrition, targeted testing, and precise use of supplements, I'll guide you towards a life of vibrancy and balance.

I'm going to make things clear and simple for you in this  intensive.  

Transform your health once and for all.

Here's everything you're getting...

Byte-sized tasks curated for you over 10 days

Let's reduce the overwhelm and simplify this process.

In less than two weeks you'll be setting up a lifetime of health shifts.

Instant access to Kickstart Your Immunity Webinars

4 webinar recordings with accompanying high yield handouts for KEY knowledge and time tested strategies used in my clinical practice.

Includes important tools and checklists to help you implement, including a sample weekly menu for consistent nutrient dense meals starting from breakfast, and nutrient cheat sheets to help you overhaul poor diet and lifestyle habits.

A treasure box of 5 coaching call recordings (Worth $2500)

Deepen your understanding and augment your experience.  

Deep dive into the juicy topic of Kids' Immunity, where to get your blood tests done, how to read supplement labels, the respectful way to encourage picky kids... and much much more!

BONUS: An opportunity to book a  1:1 consult at $249. (Usual $549)

On these calls, we can take even more specifics into consideration and customise a strategy for you that offers a fast track option.

Access to our vibrant Facebook community for  continued support!

Join over 400 committed, smart moms and coaches from all walks of life, ready to journey together and navigate this thing called thriving, in a world where survival is the norm.

If you've wanted a more affordable way to work with me on your foundational health, this is where to start

Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of nutrients in the recovery journey, including key information on: 
  • How and what to test for
  • Spotting commonly missed and mismanaged nutrients
  • How to supplement for you and your kids
  • PLUS advanced tools, winning strategies and support so you can start feeling better NOW! 

Let’s Kickstart Your Immunity ...

Immunity is a pillar of good health, and it's time to take it seriously. 

The Kickstart course is packed with quick, actionable steps to improve your health immediately.

Our first step is helping you obtain the proper lab work and then learn how to read the results using optimal ranges. 

You'll then be replenishing your nutrients with both supplements and a nutrition plan based on your test results.

You’ll move through the Kickstart journey with labs in hand. 

It’s personalized and powerful.


I got inspired towards eating 'enough' - I realised that I wasn't, so I am now eating breakfast and proper / substantial lunches and dinners.

After this course I also realised I need to add fats to my breakfast.

Cooking at home - this is new for me and I am really trying to see this as part of the health journey now!

Over the past few months now I've been building base nutrients and I think this is helping some of my symptoms with my cycle.

- Emma H, Adrenal fatigue and burnout (and now new mom!), UK 

Here's what I'll be teaching...


Understanding your Nutrient Levels and What to Test For

  • How¬†nutrient deficiencies¬†affect you and what to do about it

  • What tests to get done

  • How to read your results¬†using my optimal ranges

  • Use the 1 page handout to¬†build your personalized supplement stack.¬† Pick a great regime to maintain or to replenish any deficiencies effectively.


The link between Nutrients and Hormones

  • How Optimal Nutrient Levels Can Improve Hormone Conditions such as¬†PCOS, Adrenal dysfunction, Hormone dysbalance and Thyroid Disease


Let's Replenish your Nutrient Debt with the right Supplements!

  • Using the right doses to be effective yet safe
  • The Best and Worst Nutrient salt forms to use
  • How to pick a good multivitamin¬†
  • How to identify a dud product and become a savvy consumer


Sustaining your Nutrients using Food as Medicine

  • 5 steps to¬†a nutrient dense weekly menu for yourself and family,¬†building stronger bodies effortlessly, week on week.
  • Includes a copy of my¬†4 week nutrient dense menu plan for a quick start!
  • Refer to the Nutrient Cheat Sheet to tailor for your nutritional weak spots


Let's Integrate!

  • Integrating the Information into your lifestyle and habits.
  • Tracking your Progress
  • Maintaining momentum with the next steps in¬†Your Vibrant Life


You’ll walk away with the exact list of lab tests you need, a step by step chart to interpret and supplement optimally, an understanding of the key nutrients you need for strong immune health and a customized menu plan to make it super easy for you to stay consistently nourished.

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I loved that it was really easy cos it felt like Dr Cheryl is just chatting with me and sharing information with me.

The 4 hours flew by really quickly.

I think I would actually be coming back to these videos as time goes by to check for references and take notes - there's so much info packed in there.

But the lighthearted tone and easy breezy delivery kept it really easy to follow.

- Tracy Heah, Mom of 2 teens (Singapore)

Holistic Nutrition:

Fueling Your Body and Mind

As a functional medical practitioner, I firmly believe in the power of nutrition to nourish your body and mind.

Kickstart will equip you with the knowledge and tools to make informed dietary choices, leading to increased energy, mental clarity, and overall vitality.

Your custom menu plan will remove any doubt or guessing.

It’s easy to follow and stick to!

Empowerment and Self-Care:

Prioritizing You

Motherhood often leads us to prioritize others above ourselves.

In Kickstart, we'll challenge this notion and encourage you to embrace self-care as a fundamental aspect of your journey.

By taking care of yourself, you set an inspiring example for your children and nurture yourself as an independent, empowered woman.

Your Personalized

Supplement Plan

Supplements can play a vital role in supporting your health goals.

Within the Kickstart course, I'll provide you with personalized recommendations based on your unique needs.

Together, we'll select the right supplements to boost your well-being and ensure you're on the path to greatness!

Ready to embark on a transformational journey towards a vibrant life? 

Let's build a bridge between immunity, nutrition, and strong health, empowering you to flourish as a mother, a caregiver, and an independent, powerful woman. 

Kickstart your wellness journey today, and together, we'll unlock the extraordinary potential within you.

When you choose to prioritize your health and enroll now, let me say thank you.


Your enrollment includes a FREE Calm & Deep Sleep starter pack delivered to your doorstep.

I’ll send you the code with your sign up confirmation.

These supplements form a key part of the course experience and will support your vibrant life as you continue on your health journey. 


How we are different...

While other courses do provide plenty of knowledge, sometimes I am left overwhelmed and unsure where to start with a complex patient.

Cheryl cuts through the ‚Äúnoise‚ÄĚ of information and hones in on what to do next in a well-structured framework.

This is undoubtedly distilled from her experience that can’t be taught from textbooks.

- Dr C Au, Family Physician and new Mom (Singapore)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Educating us on what we miss out our entire lives...nutrients!
All information was valuable.
It was great!

I got empowered to eat nutritiously and can see myself relying less on medication and TCM herbs to get by.  


- Yu Ling, Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician Student (Singapore)

Achieve unrivalled energy, focus and calm in just 4 days.  


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