This is a 5 month certification program for Level 2 competence in applied functional medicine coaching.

Applicable for Level 1 (Burnout Recovery 101) graduates.


Level up in your functional medicine knowledge along with a boutique mentorship program!

Semester starts 1 Jan 2021

Join January intake


How will we do this?

2x/month LIVE Zoom Workshops

This is where you get small group teaching time with me.  We will cover the most requested-for topics, followed by live Q&A with me to help you master key concepts.

Practitioner Incubator

Get all your questions answered in here, receive encouragenement, support, and build your network with other Vibrant Life practitioners!

1:1 mentorship with Me

For those with mentorship spots, we will carry out individual 1:1 coaching calls once a month.  They are high impact, strategic and designed to ensure you achieve your specific personal success goals.

(Limited to 12 pax)


This course is for practitioners to up-level starting from unshakable personal health to success in the wellness industry. 

This program is designed to enable you to start applying your skills from day 1, and comes with a certificate of completion.

This will qualify you to continue to Level 3 in applied functional medicine coaching, distinguishing you from your peers by your commitment to advanced training, confident coaching and ability to create wildly satisfied clients, enthusiastic referrals and a brimming wait list.

✔️ Decades of clinical experience

✔️ Thousands of client wins

✔️ Years of functional medicine postgraduate study and mentorship

✔️ Consolidating the top online courses - so you don't have to!

Learn to tap into your inner wisdom and be a well rounded healthcare advocate in the medical system. 


Take a sneak peek at our first 9 lessons!

*Lesson plan subject to change according to the needs of the group

Payment Plan

with mentorship (Spots are limited to 20!)
without mentorship
Level 2 Certification - One Time Payment

$3900 USD save: $315 USD
Level 2 Certification - Installment Plan

$843 USD/month for 5 months

Don't do it alone

Stretch out in our supportive community.

A critical part of the discovery and learning process is the community you surround yourself with, so you can be open, honest, and feel safe.

Hi! I'm Your Coach, Dr. Cheryl Kam

Biohacking Momboss, Entrepreneur, Transformational Teacher and Pioneer


MBBS (King's College London)
BSc (Imperial College London)
Grad Dip Family Medicine (NUS)
Fellow in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM, Australia)


With 15 years of clinical experience, I integrate world-class functional medicine with high touch coaching to build you up from the inside out, and awaken you to your highest potential.

At one point in my life, my mental and hormonal health had bottomed out. High pressures of work, the stress of moving countries, family dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, and personal unforgiveness were piling up and we're beginning to affect my ability to function. 

I was tired, confused, overwhelmed, disconnected and depressed.

I applied my training to myself and took positive choices to heal biochemically, and holistically.

I have since "graduated" from psychotherapy, got married, fell pregnant, and gave birth, drug-free, to two beautiful children.

The solution to my problems lay in the principles of functional medicine and living a conscious and purposeful life. My nutrients were topped up, adrenals recovered, gut inflammation addressed, my hormones balanced out.

I now experience peace, energy and joy.

It is my mission to empower women to live powerfully, freely and vibrantly, and to change the healthcare terrain as we know it.

Will it be so crazy to join me?


My network of mentors span globally and include advisors and educators from the Institute of Functional medicine, The Australasian College of Environmental and Nutritional Medicine, The British Society of Ecological Medicine, and leading coaching institutes.

As a UK trained conventional doctor, you will also get the medical perspective, in order to help your clients navigate the system elegantly.