Upon purchase of the course, this Agreement is being made between Dr. Cheryl Kam and the Participant.  

We both legally agree to all the following:



This Course includes all of the following components:

  • 4 Recorded teachings with Q + A
  • Lifetime Access to recordings & handouts
  • Lifetime Access to my Facebook community 

Access to all Course materials will be available to the Participant through their student dashboard in Kajabi for as long as we remain on this platform.  



The Participant understands there is a one-time payment method of an amount equal to the Registration Fee as shown on our website at the time of registration – payable prior to commencement of the course.

  • Unless other arrangements are agreed in writing in advance with Dr. Cheryl Kam, the Participant will pay for their course via bank account withdrawal or by credit card all to be conducted online through the Kajabi check-out page.
  • Regardless of the extent to which you do or do not take advantage of all Course components, the Participant remains fully responsible for Course payment.
  • Since the Participant gains immediate access to course materials and Vibrant Life Academy resources, we do not offer or allow withdrawals or refunds at any time after registering for the Clinical Course.



We are committed to providing educational material to all Participants that can be repurposed within a specific, limited scope.  You, the Participant, have permission to use Vibrant Life Academy materials (e.g. course handouts, content from presentations) for your own client educational purposes, as long as those clients are only engaged for the purpose of supporting only their own personal wellness. We encourage you to do so!

However, in no case does the Participant have any legal right to use any Vibrant Life Academy materials whatsoever (entirely or subset) for purposes of educating other healthcare practitioners in any format/venue (regardless of whether or not the initiative is for profit). You also do not have permission to reuse (for any purpose) any of the photographs or graphics included in any webinar slides or handouts or clinical posts, as we do not have the right to extend the licenses for these items beyond our own use.

Dr. Cheryl Kam reserves the right (without limitation) to seek legal and financial compensation and damages for each material used by the Participant that violates this restriction (with or without their knowledge).



We are committed to keeping all client case information fully confidential

The Participant acknowledges he or she will be interacting with other course participants and will have access to confidential and potentially identifying information regarding the clients of other practitioners, including Dr. Cheryl Kam. 

The Participant agrees to keep fully confidential all information regarding all client cases included in their Course Access. Specifically, the Participant agrees not to share any of this information in any way with any other party, and to make no attempt to identify or contact any client represented in this Program in any form.

We are committed to respecting all participants’ privacy and intellectual property. The Participant acknowledges he or she will engage with other course participants and may have access to proprietary information regarding specific business or marketing initiatives in use by or intended by another participant. The Participant agrees not to violate any fellow participants’ public or privacy rights. The Participant further agrees that any shared information remains the confidential and exclusive property of the disclosing participant and that he or she will not use this information in their own business endeavors.

We are committed to creating a healthy, supportive learning environment. 

Dr. Cheryl Kam reserves the right to end immediately the Participant’s Course Access (without refund or recourse) for any Participant engaging in disrespectful or counterproductive behavior or actions inhibiting the learning of any other course participant (in Dr. Cheryl Kam's sole interpretation).



Because we are committed to constant innovation, we retain the right to change the form, nature, and content of the membership at any time without prior notice to you.

We are committed to personal, professional responsibility.  The Participant acknowledges that they take full responsibility for the use of any and all information gleaned from this membership, via any component for any purpose. It is the Participant’s responsibility to assess, decide, and accept responsibility for what (if any) information gleaned from this program is appropriate to use in supporting their own wellness or that of any individual client or patient.

The Participant releases Dr. Cheryl Kam and its administrators (the Releasee/s) from any and all liability, damages, causes of action, allegations, suits, sums of money, claims, and demands whatsoever, in law, admiralty, or equity, which against the Releasee(s), the Participant ever had, now has or will have in the future against the Releasee(s), arising from the Participant’s past or future participation in or use of information and guidance gleaned from, or otherwise with respect to, the Program.