A 4 day program for self-healers to tackle fatigue, boost energy and increase immunity for themselves, their families, and/or clients.


You finally knew how to unlock unrivalled energy, focus and calm...for good.

For years I watched moms get increasingly tired and overwhelmed the more family life went on, and the more career "success" was achieved.  

This meant not truly getting to start pregnancies in a healthy state, and babies possibly born in sub-health, often sick with allergies, sinus issues, eczema...

Many mothers think it's just a normal part of postpartum life and carry on. Feeling sleepy midday, irritable with their children, which also causes tension within the home.

We go for tests with results from our General Practitioner saying "everything is normal" when deep down we have a feeling there's something else at play.

I've heard numerous occurrences where parents are told nothing can be done, and they leave helpless with no solutions offered.

The emotional and mental toll of returning home bewildered and thinking "am I crazy?" is something that stresses the whole family in some way.

Meanwhile, the family suffers. 

Your parenting skills are tested, relationships are prickly, and you're on edge and feeling increasingly hopeless as you keep spinning with confusion.

Some may have sought the help of naturopaths or holistic doctors but only managed 2-3 visits before dropping out again because.... life. 

It can begin to feel like a waste of time and resources when it's truly because for holistic medicine to work well, foundations need to be built.

These foundations need time and practice.

That's what this program is for.

It can be different.  

I'm here to help YOU build that foundation.

And my community of independent healers, parents and coaches...are here to walk with you.  

Let's take our power back with our health.

I'll be doing my best to reduce the overwhelm and make this process as simple as possible.

This doesn't mean it's easy as some things will have to change, but you will have some fun and the support of our health-minded community to help with your success.

It's an important time for us to take our health seriously.

No more ignoring the signs of fatigue or poor immunity and blaming it on age or poor sleep.

In this challenge, you'll be able to implement tools and support for issues you may have delayed over the years.  

The sooner we shift our habits for ourselves and at home, the sooner we build our immunity and begin tapping into what our body is truly capable of.

And yes, that includes our mental health, sharpness and ability to handle challenges as well.

In this 4 day intensive, you'll get access to

  • The Signature Kickstart Your Immunity course of 4 webinars and with handouts ($349)
  • An additional Treasure Box of 5 coaching call recordings (worth $2500)
  • My guidance throughout your journey of transformation, together with our vibrant Facebook community and Vibrant Life Coaches.  (Priceless!)

We are going to build this lifetime foundation of skills for only $497


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I had worked with many coaches and practitioners before but working with Dr Cheryl has been 100% worth it!

- KG (Valencia, Spain)

Let me know if this is you...

✔️ You'd love to keep up and enjoy your life and the people around you more!

✔️ You care and put effort into you and your family's health and wellbeing

✔️ You already are / are working to become the health leader in your circle of influence

✔️ You are looking for a health-minded community where you can learn from each other with guidance

✔️ You are interested in healing fatigue, poor immunity, PCOS, thyroid and hormone issues with my time tested strategies

This isn't for you if

You want quick fixes and are unwilling to do the work for true health.

You find your current practices are working for you optimally

You're unwilling to explore how natural methods can serve your health

You're unwilling to fully take responsibility of your health


Dr. Cheryl presented the courses in an easy going, informative and clear way. I truly enjoyed the classes. I love Dr. Cheryl! She's a cool cat!

- Gwen Winarno

Why now? Read on.

These 4 webinars are packed with information that I know self healers and mummies desperately need, to break out the mold of being "normal, tired mom".

You see, us doctors need the help of empowered patients to obtain and maintain a foundation of health.  It makes a world of a difference with any kind of treatment.

I've found that independent healers have the special ability to implement much more than a regular doctor can. This means our resources go much further and the results can literally change our lives.

Can you recognise the value of taking ownership of your health?

When a parent understands that value, the power of the family shifts.

So it made sense for me to help empower leaders to do this work on a higher level.

Through my work, I've found a few big areas that many lack confidence in: These include the commonly missed nutrients, and the connection it has with all our womanly hormones.

Just by fixing these few big things, most people have a dramatic improvement leading to more energy, focus, calm and flow.

The best news is that these few big things are extremely easy to fix!

That's why I created this program to Kickstart your health - to take you through it myself, making sure you implement.

We are in a time where there's a huge need to focus on our health and people need guidance on this.

Everyone's had a wake up call since our world has shifted and we are ready to take our health seriously. 

Let's make sure you have the tools you really need to make this world a healthier place.

I'm going to make things clear and simple for you in this intensive.  

Transform your health once and for all.

Save time, energy and money from falling ill so easily.  Tackle countless symptoms by understanding how to work with the most forgotten 5 key nutrients. 

Get educated, be in charge and witness changes in just a few days!


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Here's everything you're getting...

Byte-sized tasks curated for you over 10 days

Let's reduce the overwhelm and simplify this process.

In less than two weeks you'll be setting up a lifetime of health shifts.

Instant access to Kickstart Your Immunity Webinars (Worth $349) 

4 webinar recordings with 4 high yield handouts for KEY knowledge and time tested strategies used in my clinical practice.

Includes important tools to help you implement, including a sample weekly menu for consistent nutrient dense meals, and nutrient cheat sheets to help you overhaul poor diet and lifestyle habits.

A treasure box of 5 coaching call recordings (Worth $2500)

Deepen your understanding and augment your experience.  

Deep dive into the juicy topic of Kids' Immunity, where to get your blood tests done, how to read supplement labels, the respectful way to encourage picky kids... and much much more!

BONUS: An opportunity for highly discounted 1:1 consult. (Usual $549)

On these calls, we can take even more specifics into consideration and customise a strategy for you.

Access to our vibrant Facebook community for case discussions and continued support

Join over 300 health warriors and coaches from all walks of life, ready to support and network with you.

If you've wanted a more affordable way to work with me on your foundational health, this is where to start

Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of nutrients in the recovery journey, including key information on: 
  • How and what to test for
  • Spotting commonly missed and mismanaged nutrients
  • How to supplement for you and your kids
  • PLUS advanced tools, winning strategies and support so you can start feeling better NOW! 

I’m doing well! I’m recovering well and my oncologist is blown away by how much energy I have.

- Jodie (Sydney, Australia)

Here's what I'll be teaching...


The top 5 most commonly deficient nutrients - diagnosis and testing.

We'll kick off with the most common nutritional deficiencies that are most often mismanaged by trained practitioners.

We will go through the key tests needed.

You'll have clarity around the testing you can ask for, why we want them and the optimal ranges to aim for so you have solid data as a starting point.


What nutrients can do in PCOS, Adrenal dysfunction, Hormone dysbalance and Thyroid disease

In this lesson, learn from how I used the principles of functional medicine to recover from my own burnout, PMS and depression.

You'll come away with a clear idea on what fixing the missing nutrients can do in PCOS, Adrenal dysfunction, Hormone dysbalance, Thyroid disease.


Replacing nutrients with the right dosages and salt-forms.

You will become confident choosing the right nutrient supplements to take, what doses, when best to take them and where to get them, so you can begin feeling better right away!

Downloadable handouts are easy to follow and refer to!


Rebuilding your health with a nutritious diet

A weekly menu rotation will help you put it into a system at home.

You will be equipped to avoid confusion from the common and unhelpful dietary myths of today.

You will be savvy on dietary sources of key nutrients so you can to eventually come off supplements in the long run.

5 Bonus recordings + Teaching on Kid's Immunity

Deep dive into the highly requested topic of Kids' Immunity, feeding picky eaters, where to get your blood tests done, and much much more in these 5 lively Q&As!



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I loved that it was really easy cos it felt like Dr Cheryl is just chatting with me and sharing information with me. The hours flew by really quickly. I think i would actually be coming back to these videos as time goes by to check for references and take notes - there's so much info packed in there. But the lighthearted tone and easy breezy delivery kept it really easy to follow.

- Tracy Heah (Singapore)


What You Will Get

The knowledge and tools to replace important nutrients effectively and take your family's immunity and health to new levels!

Become a more impactful leader in your home, not running into the same health issues again and again.

Increased energy levels.  

Enjoy better sleep, gain strength and fitness and be able to not only keep up with the kids, but enjoy them with presence and joy! 

Increased confidence.

Better energy, focus and calm improves relationships, unlocks energy to pursue your passions, and increases your chances of a promotion and bringing in more income for the family.

Free up time and money from your busy schedule

Less doctor visits and sudden expenses 

Less hiccups when your family and social life needs to be on pause when the kids are ill

Save thousands on chronic illness in the long term when you invest just 10 days in my top strategies in preventative health.

I love the way the course really reiterates the importance of getting the foundational nutrients balanced. Informative, easy to understand workshops and super interesting guidelines, especially the test required for measuring accurate iron levels. The bonus points are great and the nutrient cheat sheet is a helpful resource!

- Jacqueline Lee (Singapore)

Still debating? 

Here's WHY now's the time.


I'll be teaching you what I have learned in my 5 years at King's College London (the most progressive medical school in the world!)

PLUS the 4+ years of postgraduate fellowship in Functional medicine with the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

PLUS 15+ years of clinical experience in the field of Functional Medicine from courses and mentors from USA, UK and Australia

I'll leave out the mountains of unnecessary theory and get down to the practical tools, and what will shift the needle for you and your family.


I will crunch all those down in a practical and digestible manner so you can achieve the results quickly, cheaply, impactfully and safely.



In this 4 day intensive you'll get well over 10 hours of time with me.   Each of my consults costs $549.  This challenge is worth over $5000 in coaching time alone.


All webinar recordings and handouts will be accessible forever so you can always refer back to your notes.


The private Facebook group is a safe space to learn and support one another, and will most of all be great fun!


I'm here for you! I will be on Facebook to answer any questions that may pop up so you are supported in making changes to your lifestyle every step of the way.


How we are different...

While other courses do provide plenty of knowledge, sometimes I am left overwhelmed and unsure where to start with a complex patient.

Cheryl cuts through the “noise” of information and hones in on what to do next in a well-structured framework.

This is undoubtedly distilled from her experience that can’t be taught from textbooks.

- Dr C Au (Singapore)

Hi! I'm Dr. Cheryl Kam

Functional Medicine MD, Coach and Educator

MBBS (King's College London)
BSc (Imperial College London)
Grad Dip Family Medicine (NUS)
Fellow in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM, Australia)

With 15 years of clinical experience, I integrate world-class functional medicine with high touch coaching to build you up from the inside out, and awaken you to your highest potential.

At one point in my life, my mental and hormonal health had bottomed out. High pressures of work, the stress of moving countries, family dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, and personal unforgiveness were piling up and we're beginning to affect my ability to function. 

I was tired, confused, overwhelmed, disconnected and depressed.

I applied my training to myself and took positive choices to heal biochemically, and holistically.

I have since "graduated" from psychotherapy, got married, fell pregnant, and gave birth, drug-free, to two beautiful children.

The solution to my problems lay in the principles of functional medicine and living a conscious and purposeful life. My nutrients were topped up, adrenals recovered, gut inflammation addressed, my hormones balanced out.

I now experience peace, energy and joy.

It took a while to get here, and I can be your guide.  It isn't just about getting the next branded course to your name, but actually impacting your clients and being an effective agent of change!

My mission is to improve how doctors and coaches serve in the world.

Will it be so crazy to join me?


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Achieve unrivalled energy, focus and calm in just 4 days.  


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