6 Step Program to Vibrancy

lifestyle Jan 10, 2023
This is how we never miss a beat, and not only do we impart the best in functional medicine, as your instructor I am deeply invested in how you implement the important pieces into your life, so that these concepts are lived out, and rebound illness doesn’t take place.

Uncovering your innate health and healing ability occurs in layers, and here’s how we do it.
  1. Kickstart Your Nutrients. Micronutrient awareness and nutrient density is key since 1 in 3 women have at least one nutrient deficit. A rapid unlock of energy, focus and calm can do wonders for the rest of the recovery journey. Unfortunately most doctors aren’t equipped to help in this area.
  2. Minimise physical stress. At this stage we look at the adrenal thyroid connection and address the many myths that surround thyroid function. We break out of stress cycles and learn tools to calm the nervous system. This again sets the tone for an elegant journey ahead, spending overall less on supplements and testing. At this stage, we further dive into the hormone symphony and solidify our knowledge around progesterone, estrogen and its balance with each other, and with other hormones.
  3. Repairing the gut begins with a good eye on the liver and biliary system. We will turn this on, while we further support gut immunity and healing. We will leverage the gut brain connection in tackling all too common mood issues, such as depression and anxiety.
  4. Once the gut is primed, this is the time to go big on removing toxins, sensitivities, and working out what has been true allergies and intolerances. We will deep dive into detox support that includes all the phases of the detox system including the gut, lymph, liver and skin.
  5. Sustaining resilient health, and knowing what to do when there are bumps in the road, or more complex illness, is important to us. We will address how to tackle if there is a suspected mold, Lyme or metal toxicity at play. And here we will learn what it takes to build resilience and prevent recurrence.
  6. Achieving vibrancy doesn’t come just with head knowledge, but when this is applied into our lives and assimilated smoothly into our bodies. We review our material for integration into the body. We celebrate our progress, and plan our next level goals! 


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