Danger, danger: Top 3 reasons to avoid Amalgam fillings

family health health Jul 08, 2023

 What is so bad about amalgam fillings? 

  1. Mercury toxicity (gut, thyroid, breast, and brain issues leading to systemic issues)

  2. Delayed hypersensitivity reactions to Nickel and the other amalgamated metals

  3. Dental Galvanism causes headaches and irritability.

What to do now that they’re in? 

Crucially, DO NOT embark on any metal detox while you have any amalgams still in your mouth.


  • Work with a functional doctor and team, to prepare your body for the removal


Amalgams have been deduced to likely contributor to chronic health issues. By following The 6 steps to Vibrancy, the body’s natural detox processes, immunity and integrity will strengthen, thus preparing the body for removal.

  • Work with a biological or holistic dentist experienced with safe amalgam removal

Search on IAOMT.org, there are many practitioner listings for dentists trained in the safe removal of amalgam fillings. They usually work with those whose health have been severely impacted by the metals, and therefore are versed with ensuring re-poisoning risk is kept at the minimum.

  • Continue work with a functional doctor to ensure all metals have been detoxed from the body.

After the fillings have been replaced with composite or ceramic fillings (non-metal) the patient can continue the work with the functional medicine team to support and do any further metal detox over the next few months.

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