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lifestyle Feb 15, 2021
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Dr. Cheryl Kam is a functional medicine coach on a mission to share an “immunity cheatsheet.” Have you joined her on the Clubhouse app yet?


While I'm certainly prepping for a quiet and healthy birthing of my 3rd baby and settling into our new rhythms as a family of 5, there's been just a barrage of things happening this quarter, and BOY WHAT A RIDE! 

❤️ Thank Goodness to my team! They have been taking it like Honey badgers.   



So here's a roundup on what's been happening:


🦩 I released not one, but TWO freebies: Vitamin D Protocol for practitioners and patients and a Sleep Mini-Course (FREE for Calm and Deep Sleep Customers!)


🦩 I am now on the Clubhouse App! It's been fun listening to healthy conversations from top entrepreneurs, teachers, and community builders because it gives me so much insight.  Follow me at @drcherylkam if you're on the app too! I plan to host some rooms in the coming weeks!


🦩 Pathologically future-forward me doesn't stop here. I'm on telegram too and you can join my channel.  The mostly grey matter that doesn't make it onto social media if you like that sort of thing.


🦩 My Vibrant Life Academy got its own logo, and we continue to commit to Inspire, Empower and Transform the next-gen practitioners and coaches in health!  

Let's aim to become even more amazing, to reconnect with our inner wisdom, to get to the tipping point of health terrain conversion. Above all, keep in mind that the holistic approach is not the exception but the new norm in health.


🦩 Currently, I'm mentoring Vibrant Life Practitioners and Coaches. I've got some amazing students in the Level 1 and Level 2 certification programs. It's exciting to know that they're set to eventually help me transform the world, one client at a time :)

Where did they all start? With nutrients of course!


🦩 Have you attended my courses and LOVE it?  Tell your friends and earn between US$170-450 per sign-up. Because honestly, I'd rather pay you than to pay for ads!

Enroll to be a Vibrant Life Academy affiliate NOW and receive all the info you need to start earning.  


 🦩The Future of Health Leadership Summit 2021, hosted by yours truly, launches 1 August 2021!  

Learn from an all-star panel of 30 speakers featured in leading health podcasts, Functional Medicine teaching faculties, Authors, and outstanding doctors, coaches, and educators in this industry. 

In addition, *20 Keynote speakers are already confirmed, so NOW's the time to let me know who in Medicine/Integrative/Functional/Business/Leadership you would LOVE to hear from...

Could it 



 ...And that's a wrap, for now!


Also, I wish you all a belated ❤️Saint Valentine's Day! I have a post on Instagram about his Martyrdom.  (It's not so much about cupid and more about a man who got beheaded, for standing up for Christian Love and courtship.) 

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