Low thyroid is NOT a root cause

health thyroid Jun 20, 2022
Dr Cheryl Kam - Blog - Functional medicine coach - Singapore - Low thyroid is NOT a root cause

As always, I love a good myth busting, and to teach on how we should really think about our health.

Here's one example.  Whether you're a thyroid patient or not, this will be relevant to you.  

"Oh, I have hypothryoidism..."  That explains all my symptoms of weight gain, temperature sensitivity, hair loss, fatigue... and the meds, well, they work "okay"...


I'd like to point out that in this world of deep health, I treat thyroid issues as a symptom, not a root cause.


The question here is "Why?".

Why would a person develop a poor functioning thyroid?

Why would a beautifully functioning body that is built to thrive at all costs, turn down its thyroid function?

  • What does the body need and lack?
  • Is it the nutrients?
  • Is there something in the "soil" poisoning this "human plant"?
  • Is there something affecting the immunity that it is now anti-self?
  • Is the body stressed, and therefore in its wisdom down-regulating the thyroid to save on resources?
  • Is the gut out of whack?  
  • Is it cancer?
  • Is it all of the above?


You're a ferocious learner, and I love teaching these concepts to whip us out of our old ways. 

🤍 Because our bodies belong to us, and we deserve to be informed.

🤍 Because we want to be empowered to take responsibility for our own health.  Beyond what the insurances care to pay for.

🤍 Because we love and appreciate doctors for their technical skills, and also know that most are not completely equipped to address environmental and nutritional aspects of health unless properly trained.

❤️ I want to take the opportunity to express my gratitude for YOU, my amazing cohort of health seekers, whether you're a practitioner or a self-healer.


Without the most curious and awakened of learners, I'd be no teacher or doctor at all.  

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