Have you had your testing done yet? Why are you waiting?

fertility health Jan 24, 2021
Dr Cheryl Kam - Blog - Functional medicine coach - Singapore - Have you had your testing done yet? Why are you waiting? Vitamin D Levels, Nutrient Deficiency, Vitamin D Testing

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to low mood, body aches, hair loss, and even tooth decay. Do you even know your D levels? Find out how to get tested.


Do you know where to get your Vitamin D levels checked?


Following from my previous Vitamin D protocol, here's more info on what deficiency symptoms really are!

To be honest, they're so difficult to pinpoint, because of our body's incredible ability to tolerate and adapt, and ride with the seasons.  

But the prolonged D deficiency is ultimately going to affect you...

❌ Low mood

❌ Feeling easily tired

❌ Getting sick often

❌ Back pain, joint pains, muscle aches

❌ Tooth decay

❌ Hair loss

❌ Poor fertility and hormone health

❌ Headaches

✔️🤷🏻‍♀️ So where can you go to get tested?

You can approach your friendly GP or Family doctor for your Total Vitamin D levels to be checked.  

I've worked closely with the doctors at Mint Medical Centre and The Iron Suites, so I know you're going to have a smooth time with doctors who are Nutrient-aware.  



Practitioners, coaches, expert patients:  


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