7 tips to prevent a cold

health lifestyle Apr 26, 2017
Dr Cheryl Kam - Blog - Functional medicine coach - Singapore - 7 tips to prevent a cold

Catching a cold at a time like this is no good. But how do we prevent it? Learn how to prevent it & keep your body healthy in this Dr Cheryl Kam blog.


As we know, there is no cure for the cold, and we often have no choice but to suck it up for a sniffly 4-5 days...

As a doctor in Singapore, an international travel hub, I am exposed to a huge selection of germs every day.  (And people ask me all the time how I prevent myself from catching everything!)


How can we decrease its severity and length of illness?


At first signs of a cold, sore throat or mild sniffles, I use a concoction of

1) 2000mg Vitamin C
2) 30mg Zinc Piccolinate
3) 1000mg Echinacea root 3 hourly
4) 8 hours of quality sleep a night
5) Plenty of water
6) Plenty of relaxation
7) Plenty of laughter


Other herbs to consider are black elderberry (sambucol) which has antiviral properties, and a powerful antioxidant such as olive leaf extract.

Especially for children, we stock the ever-popular Immunped which is a great tasting source of liquid zinc for our little ones aged 12 months onwards


Some trivia!

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