Common pitfalls with clean living

health lifestyle Apr 19, 2022
Dr Cheryl Kam - Blog - Functional medicine coach - Singapore -Common pitfalls with clean living

Did you miss the IG Live I did with Lena on the relationship between chemicals and our hormones...? Here's the recording!

What we did not have time to go through was...


Common pitfalls while removing toxins from our live


  • Feeling overwhelmed with all the things to avoid
  • Feeling anxious doing/eating/breathing anything at all.
  • Not sure what to replace with
  • Still feeling inflamed, and not knowing when to expect a response after removing items

That is why it is key to know absolutely the place to start because removing toxins is one thing.

Turning on your body's detox abilities at the same time is KEY in ensuring your toxin removal goes a long way.

Not only will you remove continuous exposure...


You will be unlocking years of a sluggish detox system (Biliary, Liver, Pancreas, Gut, Lymph, Skin) order to get the hormonal harmony, the clear skin, the motivation, the unbloated belly, the energy and glow of your life!

 Mummies, self healers and coaches, I polled you on Instagram stories over the weekend and you all wanted to dive deeper into solutions for the chemical soup we live in!

So here we are :)

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