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Are you in a low mood, feeling blah, and mentally slow?  

That might mean your Vitamin D Deficient

If you're feeling tired and rundown or your skin feels dull, you might not be receiving enough Vitamin D. Spending a few minutes a day out in the sun can rejuvenate you, but what if the sun isn't an option?

During the winter months especially, many people are operating in ‘survival mode’ meaning they are lacking the daily nutrients needed to lead a calm and vibrant life, ie thriving. 

Ways you can introduce vitamin D back into your daily life are through diet, supplements, and exposure to the sun.


Here are some facts about Vitamin D to chew on.

  • Vitamin D is responsible for regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in our body, crucial for bone health

  • It also plays a key role in supporting our immune system, preventing chronic diseases, and improving our mood. 

The issue about getting enough and retaining vitamin D?

  • Most busy lifestyles don’t include enough time outdoors

  • We aren’t eating enough healthful fats and oils in our diet to absorb and retain fat-soluble vitamins, Vitamin D being one of them

  • Magnesium levels are low, affecting Vitamin D synthesis and absorption


The takeaway?

Adding Vitamin D to your daily routine ensures your body gets the nutrition it needs to thrive. 

If you're not sure about the right dosage, you may download the Vitamin D Protocol for your reference.

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