Don't burn out, fire up! πŸ”₯

health Sep 15, 2020
Dr Cheryl Kam - Blog - Functional medicine coach - Singapore - Don't burn out, fire up!

Burning out has been a real issue for everyone lately. But there's a way to handle this fire yourself up to be healthy and strong. Find out how here.


Whether you have kids or not, most of you, my special people, are the types that already know somewhere out there, is something different in healthcare.  There is more to just Panadol and steroids!

And along with this awakened state, somewhere deep down, you also know that there is more than the "rat race", more than just "drifting along".
When kids come along, this becomes even more important, and climbing other people's ladders (and reaching other people's ceilings) is not really working out well for what you want to do with your life.  
You try and try, and are getting burned out in the process.  
And the kids are watching. They're watching you closer than they watch their teachers, or books, enrichment classes, or church.


I thought to myself...I want to spend time with my kids AND reach my potential.  I want to have babies, AND achieve financial success, AND be tranquil, and free, have wicked fun, and have a great appetite for life.  I'm not one to settle.  
And, who else has my kids got as a role model but me, showing them what life really is about?
So, you know... we tend to unleash this side of you too when we work together.
Why do I talk about mindset? 
I'm a functional doctor!

Well, I specialize in burnout recovery, especially in moms.
Having a killer mindset, and finding your πŸ”₯FIRE, is the exact opposite of burnout :)


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