How healthcare is organised in Singapore

health lifestyle Apr 18, 2017
Dr Cheryl Kam - Blog - Functional medicine coach - Singapore - How healthcare is organised in Singapore

With my degree in Healthcare Management (Imperial Business School) I learned quite a bit about the healthcare systems in the UK and can contrast this with Singapore.  Therefore I am often asked to advise and comment on the local system.

Access is excellent, and the service is reliable wherever you go.  However, it is fragmented as we know it, and each person's experience of the healthcare system can vary widely depending on:

1)  Their own perceptions of what personal healthcare should embody


2)  Their income or insurance policies


Here's a nice little round-up for those moving to Singapore, and for returning Singaporeans alike.

Everyone is different, and thus, your family doctor is well placed to help you make the best-tailored choices in health and financially, in you and your family's care.

Further reading on Healthcare financing, via the LKY school of public policy, and another paper with useful numbers, from 2010.



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