How to Stop the Burnout Cycle

health Nov 14, 2022
Dr Cheryl Kam - Blog - Functional medicine coach - Singapore - How to Stop the Burnout Cycle

We're at an interesting time in history where many of us are peeling away from a life of burnout, and becoming more and more aware, but still somehow stuck.


...Stuck trying to be a better parent and more authentic leader.

...Stuck as a coach and team leader feeling as sick as the people you're trying to help, and feeling totally imposter about it.

...Still fatigued, a slave to our moods and then having a haunting feeling like you've been stabbing in the dark with all your attempts to heal.

..and frankly getting quite burned out while trying your damn best to heal from burn out!

...Physically, things are starting to pile up, let alone energetically.

This is why I'm going to interview my own Coach, Cari Li, Energy Management specialist, in a deep and meaningful workshop with you all!

It's going to be juicy as always, but more importantly you'll come away with

Energy management strategies to understand how to flow better with your self

Learn how managing your energy can augment everything you're doing physically to heal

Understand the place for functional medicine protocols to increase physical energy

Clarity, awareness and perspective shift to give you the momentum you need right now

A community who is aiming for a life of vibrancy amidst a world of toxicity

Understand the winning strategy required to truly break out of the internal environment of burnout.

Understand how the physical and energy are actually one thing.




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