If you want to supercharge your child's brain development, teach them music.

health lifestyle Nov 09, 2016
Dr Cheryl Kam - Blog - Functional medicine coach - Singapore - If you want to supercharge your child's brain development, teach them music.
Neurologists have linked music awareness to improved brain development, in particular areas of the brain involved in processing sound, language development, speech perception, and reading skills. 
We also know that music has the potential to heal and has been used effectively as a complementary therapy in reducing depression, anxiety, and pain.   

Giving our children these skills have infinite benefits, and we should invest some effort into it.

Every human being has the capacity for appreciating and creating music and it breaks my heart that walking around us are some tone-deaf folks who have simply deprived the language of music, believing it a gift or talent you are either born with or without.  

This is untrue.  Everyone has a sense of music and rhythm just like how everyone can develop language skills when exposed to it.  (And consequently lose this ability when not exposed)

While prodigies might have talent above and beyond what is regarded as normal, we shouldn't deprive anyone of the basic language of music and must prioritize it as much as we do maths, science, and languages.



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