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health Jan 18, 2021
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Why you need to check your Vitamin D levels NOW!


Vitamin D deficiency is a global health challenge, linked to Type 2 diabetes and many other chronic diseases.


❌For the northern hemisphere, it is now deep winter. However, many will not have had the opportunity to build up Vitamin D stores from sun exposure last summer due to the lockdowns.

❌For us in the tropics, we keep out of the sun's heat, and therefore struggle to maintain adequate vitamin D levels!

Over half of us women in Singapore have levels under 20ng/ml, and that's even higher in those of us with darker skin, and those wearing hijabs.  

❌My own total Vitamin D levels were insufficient at 25.9ng/ml last November, despite being a beach lover.  I'm currently on a loading protocol, for my own immunity, bones, and hormones as well as for my baby in my womb whose bones are forming as we speak!  


✔️Boost your immunity!

Give yourself and your client the gift of immunity! 
Too many people discover a deficiency but don't know how to help hit optimal levels.  

1000iu a day will not do!

You can confidently replace Vitamin D safely and effectively.


✔️Align your hormones!

Vitamin D is required for smooth hormone production.  Low levels may be holding you back from achieving hormone balance despite your best efforts.  


✔️Beat osteoporosis

No amount of Calcium will build your bones, if you are not Vitamin D replete.  In other words, prolonged deficiency leads to osteoporosis and fractures.



Practitioners, coaches, and biohackers: 

Help your clients achieve better mood, energy, immunity, and hormones quicker!

Here's the ultimate lowdown on: 

✅ How to diagnose a Vitamin D deficiency
✅ Effective loading protocols for vitamin D3 according to levels
✅ Be safe without overdosing
✅ How to maintain levels thereafter
✅ Finally, the #1 critical mineral not to forget BEFORE you load with vitamin D!

Grab this freshly brewed surprise which was made JUST FOR YOU! 🥳 


 This PDF is totally free, because I believe it will help you be the WELLNESS LEADER you want to be, by helping to also achieve your personal health goals!

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