Let's talk Cholesterol.

health Nov 05, 2020
Dr Cheryl Kam - Blog - Functional medicine coach - Singapore - Let's talk Cholesterol

Cholesterol may not actually be that bad for you! It’s actually a healing compound. Find out in this blog how it can help you and not hurt you.


Here's something that people still worry about and I'd like to put it to rest.


We unduly worry about cholesterol as it's famously being used to assess a person's risk of stroke and heart attacks.  
The truth of the matter is that cholesterol is a healing compound, and rushes into wherever there are nicks and scratches on the inner lining of the arteries, to patch things up.

Well, we should worry more about what is causing these micro-abrasions on the arteries. . . .


. . .and that is free radicals and inflammation!


Here are some facts about fat and free radicals.
#1 Eggs are good.  Eggs contain cholesterol, but they also contain phospholipids and a very broad range of nutrients that help to offset any effects of the cholesterol within the egg. 

#2 Dairy is super processed today, and frankly, I do believe milk is for baby cows, not humans.  But yes, I love ice cream :P 

#3 Man-made ultra processed fats contribute to free radicals, inflammation and high insulin levels.  These include hydrogenated vegetable oils such as margarine, or spreadable olive oil.  Some are ultra scary processed with hexane, solvents and deodorizers:  "Canola", "Vegetable" oil, Sunflower, rice bran...

#4  Reduce free radicals in the body by also reducing stress, smoking, alcohol, pollution.  Our modern life is very free-radical heavy and therefore the popularity of anti-oxidants that help to negate its effects on the body.

#5 Inflammation can be longstanding from an undiagnosed digestive issue, a food intolerance, stress, hidden infections, autoimmunity, gum disease, poor diet...
With any sensible holistic healing plan, it is no use starting from a place of nutrient debt.  That is why I created my intensive on helping practitioners become nutrient-aware, to create the right environments for self-healing to occur. 

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