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health lifestyle Jun 06, 2022
Dr Cheryl Kam - Blog - Functional medicine coach - Singapore - Making common sense more common

You're here because you love to learn, and because you know the importance of taking personal responsibility for your health and not blame the medical system or the government or your job...or your genes... or your doctor for the lack of it.

 You've watched the talks on Future of Health & Leadership Summit that many people are still getting through in their own time...

...still popping into my inbox saying how mind blowing and chock full of value the talks have been...

...still raving about how majorly shifting it has been for their personal health...

In the summit our speakers share what is not yet conventional knowledge so know you're getting firs hand information... help YOU be the game changer that your clients and loved ones need.


You're here because you're taking brave responsibility... 


Over your own health

Over what it means for us as individuals and as a society to live well

Over your own happiness

Over your sources of information, education and knowledge...

 I'd like to celebrate that, and send gratitude for your presence with me, pushing forward in this work together.

 Oh and yes!  

You can still catch up with ALL the 35 summit talks. Click Here!

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