New Years Tips for the Unleashed!

gratitude lifestyle Jan 08, 2021
Dr Cheryl Kam - Blog - Functional medicine coach - Singapore - New Years Tips for the Unleashed

Aiming for 2021 to be a healthier and happier year for you? Check out these tips to reshape your mindset & organize your life as the new year unfolds.


I hope you’re having a rejuvenating Christmas and New Year!

In Singapore, we’ve had 3 straight days of rain over the New Year which I found to be a blessing! I finished reading my book of the moment: Untethered Soul, Michael A. Singer (Highly Recommended.), and got down to some good planning for the year in my Academy. 

Anyhow, let me start with my best new year tips!

I’m a minimalist, and my ideal life these days is a rhythm of slow living, full of time and space to appreciate beauty and miracles, especially with young children, every moment with them is an opportunity to glimpse into eternity, or correct my own way where I’ve been knocking my head on some brick walls…


#1 I found this wonderful tool to help review the year, and set powerful intentions for the next. 


It’s not like anything I’ve come across and I plan to print and do it. 

Sometime in the next couple of weeks. 

While I’m late to the game, you need not be, so I’m sharing it with you now! 



#2 Case in point, inspired by my friend Michelle a.k.a. THECHILLMOM.


New year stuff can be done any time of the year!

It just happens to be a popular and meaningful time to do it, but do not let your heart feel panic if you haven't.  Also, feel free to plan your year in June, or even in November!



#3 To really declutter and make things simple for the already overwhelmed busy mummy, I found it useful to also pick a word, yes just a single word, to set the intention for the year.  


It might be that you're exploring a theme, an intention, or simply stating something you want more of in your life.  

For me, this word is LOVE, plainly because I recently found out I have rather a worldly understanding of it and yearn to be able to receive and accept and therefore give a deeper more authentic love to my family and loved ones.

This is going to bring me to the depths of some inner work I've embarked on, and thus is my word for 2021.  


What will yours be?  



What's in store for 2021 over here at the Vibrant Life Academy?


After launching the school in April 2020, during the deep lockdown, a lot of it was do-as-i-go!  And only with your support and interest was I then able to gather a team to help me bring it to another level, to serve you better!

I envision a world where women are enabled to thrive both as the heart of the family and as impactful leaders in health and wellness.  

Coming out of my clinic to teach practitioners and budding health coaches to do this impactfully, while thriving in their personal lives, was the way I was to see this coming true, in the quickest way possible.  

I am pleased to say I've organized everything into one neat flowchart! 



The best way to start is with the Foundational Nutrients 4-day program.  


This is suitable for both the practitioner and the personal wellness enthusiast to get a firm grounding on the most commonly mismanaged nutrients.  

This is the key starting point, in any healing plan.


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