How to fix your sleep issues and sleep better FASTER.

Feb 08, 2021
Dr Cheryl Kam - Blog - Functional medicine coach - Singapore - Sleep Secrets You Need To Know

Having sleep troubles? Learn more about improving your sleeping habits so you can get better quality sleep every night all thanks to Dr. Cheryl Kam.


We all know "having a good night's sleep" is foundational to health and healing from any chronic condition.

In fact, I know you've heard it all before...

But I'm going to talk about what's important here, because from the DMs that I get on Instagram, and the email replies I get from the newsletter, many of you are still struggling with poor sleep! 

❌ When I carry out a consultation and ask about sleep, many who start off saying sleep is "OKAY" are actually not receiving enough, for that time in their lives and recovery journey.

❌ Not forgetting the alarming statistic that 40% of 20-60 year olds get less than 7 hours of proper sleep a night!  (USA data)

❌ Even worse for Singaporeans where 2018 stats showed 44% receiving under 6 hours of sleep.  

 That is why I decided to create an introductory module on Sleep Deprivation! 

Help yourself, and your clients achieve the better mood, energy, immunity, and hormones quicker in just under an hour.

✅ Discover the link between sleep and immunity

✅ Understand the relationship between your hormones and sleep-wake cycles

✅ How much sleep do we actually need, and why?  Includes info on NREM vs REM sleep.

✅ Drug-free tools for a rejuvenating nights' sleep 

✅ Insider info on how I created the DEEP SLEEP and CALM supplements, including tips on how to use herbs and nutrients to enhance the healing powers of sleep!

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