Why is eating a nutrient rich diet considered ‘alternative health’?

health Jun 22, 2020
Dr Cheryl Kam - Blog - Functional medicine coach - Singapore - Why is eating a nutrient rich diet considered ‘alternative health’?

 Today, consuming nutrients through your daily diet is “alternative medicine.” But should it be? Learn more about nutritious eating in this piece.


Somethings up with the world when we have to be told to eat eggs, organs, a diverse array of food, fibre and colours.

Something’s up when the standard diet of modern agricultural produce by default leads to disease, nutrient debt, fatigue and infertility.


Whatever happened to the wisdom of our elders, and the traditional recipes passed down from the maternal line?

I’m no socio-anthropologist, but I am digging into the wisdom of traditional matrilineal line of inheritance (and that this best aligns with the laws of nature as seen in some mammal populations including lions and bisons), from ancient society, something I’m beginning to tune into and read more about, since the modern world seems to be falling apart before our very eyes.

From the very little I have read, I do feel the post millennial future is about making way for a type of female equality. A return to the past, yet a refining for the future with lessons learned from having once organised ourselves into a patriarchal society.

I digress.


This world is currently one where taking pharmaceuticals drugs, molecularly foreign to those naturally found in our bodies, to cheat the body system, is the norm.

How much of you is still stuck giving control to the system? Waiting for insurances to start paying for your preventative health and wellness is one.

For some, taking back control is a struggle. For others, it’s the path of least resistance. Someone else to blame.

Can we lean back into wisdom, ancestry, and intuition?


Can we take back control of our family’s health and wellness, instead of handing over the control to the medical system, waiting for them to drop bland guidelines, often unhelpful ones?

Look at how study funding is organised and you will begin to know and distrust what you hear. Being in the medical profession for long enough and seeing enough drugs being pulled for safety issues after 10+ years on the market, disturbs me.

Then you’ve got the old news of cholesterol is bad, fat is bad, refined sugar is fine, your cancer has got nothing to do with what you eat and all other lies.


So what I really want to say is this?


And I spend time helping my clients to tune into themselves and tune out of the predominant dietary trends of the season.

The answers are within you, within your biology, and your innate wisdom of the body. No need to look outside so much anymore, when it is all popular crap, dilute pap, and either politically correct dietary advice or sensational to make headlines and catchy book titles and as a result dangerous and as unhelpful.

Keep a food diary, and keep your recipes. Talk to your mother and grandmothers for recipes, and pass on healthful traditions.

Sure, if you have allergies, inflammation, gut dysbiosis and issues that have already crept up, we will use the best in functional medicine to address the root cause. But thereafter, we will journey into your innate wisdom, and the confidence and stability that comes with aligning your choices with your body’s, is a priceless and lifelong, generational skill.

This work we do, will alter the epigenetics of your offspring 3 generations down. It will hold fast old and new wisdoms, and give you a lasting philosophy with which you run your life.

If you’re in any way resonating with this, do join me in my march towards truth and wisdom. One day, we will reach the tipping point, and our children will inherit this new world.


Where do you start?


Here’s good:

Kickstart your immunity - a 4-day series to fix your nutrient debt, address the 5 most common nutrient deficiencies of modern living.



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