Why it's important to optimise your liver

health lifestyle May 02, 2022
Dr Cheryl Kam - Blog - Functional medicine coach - Singapore -  Why it's important to optimise your liver

There is much talk about avoiding the chemicals themselves (BPA, Endocrine disrupters, Volatile compounds, Heavy metals, Mold, Pesticides)...

But what most people forget is that the body terrain is just as important.


If the body is robust, and all systems are functioning smoothly, these toxins may not build up or cause disease as quickly.


Unfortunately the 21st century body has had generations of bio-accumulation and the liver in partict and science of environmental medicine comes in.

With some simple measures, you absolutely CAN prevent decades of ill health hitting you far too young (in your 40s, 50s, 60s), and the dependence on the medical system for drugs and surgery as the only solution by that point...


I love making complex stuff easy


Because as a doc studying functional medicine I was given piles and piles of theory but as a busy mom I just could not.

In the end, with experience, I figured out what the practical steps were, and it took me time!

It does not have to take YOU time because it is my job to teach this to you in the most enjoyable and memorable way ever.

So that YOU can experience a turnaround in your health, and get your loved ones healed...

From fatigue, brain fog, irregular periods, heavy periods, fibroids, breast cancer, thyroid disease, autoimmunity, inflammation, acne, weight stagnation...

We will be diving into the two-pronged approach:  

Avoiding the key chemicals we expose ourselves to on the daily, and building resilience against their effects.


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