6 benefits of Vitamin N 🍃

health Sep 02, 2020
Dr Cheryl Kam - Blog - Functional medicine coach - Singapore - 6 benefits of Vitamin Nature

Are you getting your dose of Vitamin N? Nature may be the best solution to stress. Find out how to take advantage of nature to boost your health.


You eat the best produce, buy the best supplements, eat your superfoods, yet could still do with more energy and calm in your life? Take a look at the 6 benefits of spending time in nature.


#1 Improved immunity.


Exposure to nature enhances the function of immune cells.  This is the key common denominator in how nature helps prevent Cancer, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Migraine, Wound healing, even Birth outcomes.



#2 It is FREE!


When you're out getting your vitamin N, you're likely going to get some sunshine, thus getting your Vitamin D topped up too!
With good Vitamin D levels, look forward to better mood and hormones.  Bone health and immunity will also improve!
Bonus:  Included within the sun's rays are the healing rays of red light, and infrared, which are making its rounds in the fitness sphere.  (Save on buying an infrared sauna, or a red light therapy machine!)


#3 Better detoxification. 


In my patients with the most extreme impairments in detoxification, any shift in their nutrient intake, detox pills and supplements simply cause too strong a reaction. 

In these cases, we commit to using nature as therapy, as part of our protocol - and it works!


#4  Boost productivity and creative thinking.

Experience increased calm, decreased anxiety.   All this helps to boost your productivity, and quality of the work you put out.   For those in leadership positions, making sound decisions and being able to pre-empt problems can greatly enhance outcomes.  

You'll want every edge you can get in this area.  


#5 Better sleep quality


After a soak in the sea or 2 hours in the forest, I never fail to melt into bed just a little past sunset!

When you fall asleep quickly, and remain in restorative sleep, you're going to experience better energy in your days, weeks and years.  

And we all know, you're not even in the game if you're not getting 7-9 hours of restorative sleep a night, consistently.


#6 Better kids!  

Are your kids barn raised, or free-range?  

 Kids today are almost always lacking Vitamin N, some even needing a prescription for it!  Protecting their schedule from enrichments in place of outdoor activities will improve their emotional regulation, and ultimately their brain power!

✔️ Less melt downs

✔️ Better appetite (Less picky!)

✔️ Nurture our leaders - creative problem solvers who spare a thought for our Earth.   Spending time in nature as a family is going to further strengthen bonds and improve relationships.



During the pandemic and social distancing, we have been leaning into ways to build resilience for our new lifestyles, and Nature has been a big sanity-keeper.

I hope you're getting to deepen your relationship with nature too! 

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