My top nutrients for fertility!

fertility health pregnancy Sep 28, 2020
Dr Cheryl Kam - Blog - Functional medicine coach - Singapore - My top nutrients for fertility

You are not alone. Many people face fertility issues. But did you know that certain nutrients help improve your reproductive health? Learn more here.


When you work on your health, you're going to be fully functioning as a goddess, and a goddess is FERTILE!

So while working on the entire health system from hormones to nutrients, to liver system to gut, will enhance your overall health, lifespan, egg quality, fetal health...

Everyone loves a good list of supplements. . . 


Zinc (as picolinate/sulfate) 25mg daily with food


Zinc is needed whenever the body is growing, so when you're a toddler, a teen, and a mother growing a baby!  Some numbers state 82% of pregnant women are zinc deficient!  It's no wonder babies are born with this deficiency, and it goes undiagnosed for most of their childhood, being a contributor to poor mood, sleep and learning ability.  

Men need zinc to create sperm, so this is super key too.  The above dose is usually enough, and caution:  too much can cause other mineral dysbalances



Iron (Test your ferritin!)


Oh my goodness I could go on forever on this, but 1 in 5 women are walking around with a ferritin of under 50.  That means you are likely not to be ovulating during your cycles, even if you do have periods.  

During pregnancy, your ferritin stores can fall further as baby grows fast during the second trimester, leaving a momma huffed and puffed out of wind.



CoQ10 in the form of ubiquinol 100mg daily 


It doesn't have a direct effect on fertility per se, but as a strong antioxidant and energy promoter, it can help level up the entire body's functioning and that is what improves health and therefore fertility.  Many feel much more energetic and resilient after using coQ10, and a good number of IVF clinics are handing these out like candy. 



Vitamin D (Test!)


Yes it's sunny, but we can't make vitamin D through our eyes, looking out at a sunny scenery... we have to get out in the sun, almost naked, for 2 hours or so every day.

It's no wonder our mood is blah and more and more babies are born with poor bone mineralization.

Specific to conception, Vitamin D levels of above 30 ng/ml straight up improves outcomes.  

Like everything, singular over-supplementation can bring the other vitamins, and your calcium into dysbalance.  
Tip:  Stay under 3000iu/day



Chaste tree berry (Vitex) extract 200mg daily


This is a herb that promotes progesterone, the hormone of chill goddess vibes!

Progesterone is a beacon of light to sperm, it grows a cosy endometrial lining for fertilised eggs to cosy up in there, and it is key to the survival of young embryos.

Once pregnant, the placenta starts producing its own HUGE amounts of progesterone and that's my favourite bit about pregnancy!  So chill, so sleepy, so relaaaaxed.

Stress depletes progesterone, therefore every woman could do with a bit of a gentle encouragement with this herb.  


❌ Smoking and second smoke halves your fertility rate.  If either partner smokes, do seek help in becoming non-smokers.  
❤️ These are just a few things to get you started and in mild nutrient debt these will do the trick.  If you have more severe issues, it takes good steering, a road map, and multi-pronged approach to bring the uterus and all it constituents into bloom - simply reach out if you're struggling.

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