What are anti-nutrients?

health lifestyle May 16, 2022
Dr Cheryl Kam - Blog - Functional medicine coach - Singapore - What are anti-nutrients?

The concept of anti-nutrients helps us understand better how to work with minerals, in the context of heavy metal exposure (which is everywhere now, can't ignore it)

I see this play out in clinic:

  • Mercury in the body, usually from dental amalgams, causes an inability to absorb selenium.  It also lowers all other minerals in the body and by this mechanism, causes thyroid disease, fatigue, iron deficiency, low immunity...

  • Nickel and Cadmium are associated with low zinc...

  • And many of you who have done 'Kickstart Your Immunity', will know that excess copper kicks out Zinc.


What more anti-nutrients should I be aware of in everyday life?

These pearls of wisdom known in smaller circles of experienced functional medicine practitioners are unfortunately unheard of in conventional medicine- to the detriment of patients!

If you're interested in the deeper truths, beyond what conventional medicine and classic toxicology can give you, and want to use that information to heal straight away, then this is for you.

I'll be teaching as a conventionally trained doctor who has stepped over into functional medicine, further trained in nutritional and environmental medicine, and healed from my own sluggish organ systems.

Having spent the last 5 years pregnant, breastfeeding and birthing 3 babies makes be even more eagle eyed and passionate that all mummies and those serious in building better babies, need to take our own responsibility for the health of our children.

The healthcare system simply is not providing the preventative and early intervention we truly need.

And of course, I need YOUR help to be part of the growing majority.

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