Why Estrogen is Not the only Culprit in Hormonal Imbalance

fertility health Oct 18, 2021
Dr Cheryl Kam - Blog - Functional medicine coach - Singapore - Why Estrogen is Not the only Culprit in Hormonal Imbalance

Too many women are low in progesterone. 

Low progesterone is responsible for: PMS, Mood swings, Anxiety, Poor sleep, irregular periods, fertility challenges, and heavy periods. 

Low progesterone can also cause water retention before a period starts. Therefore, feeling "hormonal" could be an indicator of low progesterone levels!

Progesterone is a hormone that works in harmony with estrogen.

When progesterone falls it leaves an imbalance where progesterone levels are too low in comparison to estrogen.

In this day and age, I find low progesterone to be a widespread issue in women. Moreso than low estrogen.


We (men, women, and even our farm animals!) are walking around with higher estrogen levels ...

  • through the use of the pill
  • through slower clearance by the liver
  • ...because the liver is busy clearing other environmental toxins and additives from the body...
  • through eating a steady diet of rapid-growth broiler hens (You know, the ones that develop big breasts as juveniles...)

Too many women are not clearing their estrogen properly because the liver is busy clearing other environmental toxins and additives from the body. 

Progesterone is made by converting cholesterol into pregnenolone, then into progesterone. 

However Progesterone levels falls when cortisol levels rise to combat stress. This is because cortisol is also made from pregnenolone.

That is why most of the time, women actually need more progesterone support to measure up to the estrogen levels in the body!

How to support progesterone?

  • Lower stress
  • Live according to your cycles, slowing down during the luteal phase...
  • Herbs such as Vitex (Chaste tree berry)
  • Support the adrenals

How to help reduce estrogen levels?

If you're sure they're high in the first place (and I teach this in my core program for those who have already mastered their nutrients)...


  • Diindolylmethane (DIM) supplements as well as lots of cruciferous vegetables
  • Reduce exposure to chemicals (Makeup, lipstick, anti-ageing creams, toothpaste, hydrogenated vegetable oils, plastics, amalgam fillings, commercial sunscreens)


  • Support the liver in its detox work with herbs such as milk thistle


Bonus question...

What is the #1 most forgotten step in supporting BOTH the liver and hormone levels? 




Are you 100% sure you're dealing with the nutrients properly, because I keep seeing nutrient deficiencies, even though people have seen multiple doctors, specialists, health coaches.....  

No hormone issue is going to heal at the root unless you get this step right.



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